About Us

Our initials, JJ, stands for Jennifer Hoyt and Jeanne Bragagnini. Jennifer is the granddaughter of Jeanne Bragagnini and their business partnership started over 15 years ago. Jeanne & Jennifer showed their own horses for many years, showing Arabians to Miniatures. When Jeanne was introduced to the business side of the horse shows, she quickly grew a strong passion for it. Jeanne first started out as a carded Steward for the AMHR, then moved to the position of Steward Committee Chair, and then became a Show Manager. Soon after, Jeanne asked her granddaughter Jennifer to tag along to work beside her at the horse shows that she managed. From that day on they have partnered with each other working at numerous shows around the country. Jeanne & Jennifer not only share the same strong passion for the business side of the horse shows, but they love the time that they get to spend with each other. The partnership between them is amazing, and they get to share that with every show or event.